16 augustus 2019

Green hydrogen for seasonal solar storage in the Innovathuis

The Innovathuis, in a village near Rotterdam, The Netherlands, is set to open after summer. Hylife Innovations is implementing an application in this home that allows solar energy to be converted into green hydrogen for inter-seasonal energy storage. The home is the product of a collaboration between Hylife Innovations, project developer Wonen op Flakkee, and various other companies in the construction sector.


This all-electric home features an installation that stores solar energy in the form of green hydrogen, creating a complete chain of sustainable and renewable energy production, storage and use in the living environment. The summer’s solar energy is stored for use in the winter (seasonal storage). As soon as it’s needed, the hydrogen is converted back into electricity and heat for use in the home. Hylife Innovations is working together with Solenco Power from Belgium to achieve this. The newly built family home in South Holland is the first in the Benelux region to use this type of application, which makes it completely self-sufficient in terms of energy needs. According to project developer Wonen op Flakkee, it’s not only unique, it’s also the future for the construction of new buildings.


“At Hylife Innovations, we are currently working on a concept that will allow us to adapt this application and the seasonal storage of energy in single family homes such as this one to a larger scale, neighbourhood level,” says Jean-Paul Scheurleer, initiator and co-founder of Hylife Innovations. Mr Scheurleer continues: “There’s been a lot of interest recently in the potential of hydrogen. We believe it has possibilities, but practical feasibility is often an issue. This application will enable households to be independent of large-scale green hydrogen production, and instead meet their own annual energy requirements.”


The home features various construction innovations, home automation, and home comfort applications. These innovations are already available on the market. “Combining all of these features in one home allows us to see and experience exactly what effect the technologies have in practice. We want to inspire both professionals and individuals, and encourage them to actually apply the various elements themselves. And in doing so, we hope to contribute to accelerating the energy transition.” (Jean-Paul Scheurleer)


The Innovathuis is a unique place that unites parties in innovating, increasing sustainability and learning. It’s the most effective way of moving forward together, and thus stimulating the construction industry and the energy transition, as well as promoting sustainability. All of the partners can use the house for demonstrating the practical application of their innovations to their clients and affiliates. It will also be accessible to private individuals and other interested parties. The house will open officially in September, after which it will be accessible to visitors (by appointment).

Wonen op Flakkee


22 juli 2019

In Stad a/h Haringvliet, Goeree-Overflakkee, wordt na de zomer het Innovathuis geopend. In deze woning wordt door Hylife Innovations een toepassing gerealiseerd waarmee zonne-energie wordt omgezet in groene waterstof voor seizoensoverbrugging. De...

16 september 2019

Inmiddels is de aftermovie beschikbaar van de opening van het Innovathuis. Via onderstaande link is deze te bekijken, zodat je deze bijzondere ochtend kunt (her)beleven. http://bit.ly/aftermovieInnovathuis